Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Symba Generation is Born!

This is the first Symba ad I've seen in the mainstream press. It appeared alongside a very positive review of the Symba in the October '09 issue of Scoot Magazine. I picked up my copy at Border's Books just the other day. It's a good ad, although a bit slogan-heavy with three different versions, as if the designers of the ad liked them all and couldn't make up their minds which to go with. My choice would be, "The Symba Generation is Born!", because it's forward-looking. However, the large photo of the Symba parked next to a vintage Super Cub really works with, "Make new friends and keep the old" in a very special way. The third one is, "The Wow is Now!", which only really means anything to those of us who knew the bike back when it was only available in Taiwan as the "WoWOW" and for years pestered/cajoled/begged Carter Brothers to bring it to America.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Symba Owner's Manual - Available Online Now...

It's always good to have a digital copy of important documents, and every Symba owner should have the Symba Owner's Manual on their PC or Mac. I've posted it here. Download it to your Symba folder for safe keeping.