Thursday, March 17, 2011

Now You Can Have The Symba Bench Seat AND A Rear Rack!

Good news for Symba owners who have opted for the bench seart! SYM has finally introduced a new rear rack for the Symba that fits with the bench seat.  It's not quite in the USA yet, but Chris at Ooty's Scooters (Santa Barbara, CA) has put in an order for them - along with more of the bench seats, which have been hard to find for quite some time now. Email Chris to reserve one or both for your Symba!

Note in the photo above that there is also a Symba "inner" rack that fits on the legshield.  Let's hope they soon become available as well!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Symba Conquers the Australian Outback

Two intrepid Australian chaps have made the 2,148 mile journey across their home continent, from Perth to Melbourne - each on a Symba, of course!  Of note is the fact that on one day of the trip the temperature went over 110 degrees (F)!  Just shows to go you - the Symba is a quality machine that can take extremes in stride and just keep going.  The only issue either bike had during the 7-day trek was a flat tire (or, "tyre", to use the king's English).  The full story is here.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Few Simple Customizations Can Make Your Symba Really Special!

This Symba is new on my list of favorites!  The owner painted the side covers to match the body - which may sound like a minor point but I think it really enhances the classic "Cub" lines of the bike - and he added rally striping and decal to the legshield.  Nnnice!  I'm not too keen on windshields, though - but if you're going for that British "Mod" scooter look, they work.  About 8 more headlamps would be fitting as well.  Perhaps that's next on his list!  Thanks for the submission!  Visit the owner's blog here.