Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Symba is for Sale in California! Finally!

The Scoot Shop of Sacramento, CA announces the arrival of the Symba to dealerships in sunny California.  What took so long?  The answer is, it was the very stringent and incredibly slow CARB (California Air Resources Board) certification process, which can take upwards of a year or more from the date of application to approval.  Without a CARB certificate, a scooter or motorcycle can't be legally sold in the state of California.  Period.  California is a very important state for scooters, partly because its the nation's most populous state (with nearly 40 million residents), but also because more scooters are sold there than in any other state by a wide margin (runner up:  Texas).  Also, California has the distinction of being where, in 1959, Honda opened its USA headquarters and introduced the Super Cub to American scooteristas.  The Cub was a big hit - and inspired at hit song, too - the 1964 Beach Boy's tune, "Little Honda".  The arrival of the Symba in California signals the return of the classic Cub to its American spawning grounds, and (finally) gives Cub enthusiasts there the opportunity to get back on their favorite ride!