Thursday, May 26, 2011

Could the Symba be the World's Most Fuel-Efficient Mode of (ICE) Transportation?

Fuelly is a website that posts real-world fuel efficiency data for cars and motorcycles collected by people who own and use the vehicles in question. So far there are five posts by Symba owners, indicating that the Symba gets from 104.9 to 111.6 MPG. That's pretty darn good - even for a motorcycle - and about twice what you get in a Toyota Prius.

The higher the price of gas goes, the more sense it makes to have a Symba in your garage (next to your bicycle and Chevy Volt, of course)!

Click here to see the Symba MPG resluts at

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Good News From Alliance - Symba Parts Are Coming Soon!

This is good news: Alliance Powersports is expecting a new container shipment of SYM bikes ('12 models) and parts to be on its way within 30 days, including a good quantity of Symba bench seats and the rear racks that fit with them.

Now would probably be a good time to contact your dealer and put in an order for one of the new and improved bench seats. According to photos I've seen of the new seat, its much taller and therefore probably provides more cushioning for a softer ride. That was one of my concerns about the original design - the padding was rather thin.  

Also, the new rear rack that is designed to fit with the bench seat installed should be available soon. Previously, you had to make a choice:  solo seat and rack, or bench seat and no rack. Now you can have both!