Saturday, October 30, 2010

Taiwan's Super Cub History...

The Super Cub is the most manufactured motor vehicle in history, having been made not just in Japan but throughout Asia for the past 52 years.  

In Taiwan, Honda chose to license manufacturing to local companies operating on the Island, rather than pay the stiff import duties levied on imported vehicles.

The company they chose to manufacture Honda motorcycles for them was Sanyang Industry Co. (SYM), which started production of the Super Cub in 1962. This photo is of the SYM museum in Hsinchu, Taiwan.  Note the C100 Cub on the right and the Symba on the far left, with all the intervening models in between.

Today, SYM is one of the major manufacturers of both motorcycles and automobiles in Taiwan.  No longer under license from Honda, SYM produces a line of world-class quality scooters and motorcycles that are designed in Taiwan by SYM engineers, and compete with Honda and other major brands head-on.  SYM has won praise and admiration for its extremely high quality standards and the resulting durability of its scooters.  Thus, we have the Symba, which came to these shores in 2009, two years after SYM's entry into the USA.