Friday, April 12, 2013

A Great Source for Symba Parts and Accessories Parts and Accessories
The new SYM USA dealer network is taking shape, albeit slowly - which is actually a good thing because slow growth generally translates into stable growth.  God knows we don't need a repeat of the Carter Brothers debacle! Nevertheless, Symba owners may find themselves at a loss over where to get parts and accessories.  Scooterseals is a small company in Taiwan that specializes in parts for SYM scooters and motorcycles, and they carry quite a few items for the Symba.  It's run by a expatriate Canadian fellow named Cam Purvis who has lived in Taiwan for years and knows how to track down quality Symba stuff locally that we foreigners typically wouldn't have access to.  His native language, of course, is English, and so communication is a breeze.  He ships worldwide, and his prices are reasonable!  Check it out!