Monday, December 8, 2008

We're off !

Yes, we're off - launched, released, unveiled, unleashed, exposed, etc... Just this past Saturday, December 6th, Carter-SYM ended all rumors and speculation by announcing that the SYMBA (formerly, "WoWOW") will - yes, will definitely be a part of their USA product line in the spring of 2009! This is a cause for celebration for fans of this exciting new small-displacement motorcycle that combines the iconic look of the classic Super Cub with many SYM-specific engineering improvements and updates. The SYMBA is the first small displacement (under 250cc) motorcycle to be introduced into the North American market since the mid-1980's. Up until now, if the USA consumer wanted a sub-250cc ride, the choices were limited to the Kawasaki Eliminator 125 (a cruiser), scooters or aging antique bikes such as the 1960-1983 Super Cub. With the introduction of the SYMBA, all that is changed. Soon, those of us who love the Super Cub but would also like to have something we can just get on and ride will have a new option: a band-new SYMBA in the garage, backed up by a SYM warranty and dealer network, 100% fresh from the factory and ready to go.

Also, the SYMBA is a re-introduction of the iconic Cub design to a whole new generation of riders: college students, city dwellers, small town commuters, etc... who otherwise would never have had the opportunity to own and enjoy such a special vehicle. Personally, I like that idea. If you do as well, please join Team SYMBA. And when you become a SYMBA owner, check out the SYMBA Yahoo discussion group, which I also moderate.

- Nate

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