Thursday, April 2, 2009

Symba! Where are You?

This is getting to be like "Waiting for Godot"! I feel like I did as a kid, after ordering something from the back page of a comic book (they had cheap stuff back there that appealed to 12 year-old boys: "practical joke" supplies such as onion-flavored gum, whoopee cushions, smoke bombs, handshake buzzers, etc...) and counting off the "allow 8 weeks for delivery", which always stretched to 9 or 10 weeks with me running to the mailbox every afternoon, etc.... The good news is, we know for sure that the Symba is coming - a boatload of them! Unless the ship strikes a leftover WWII mine or something, we're going to see them soon. The wait is making my Joie de vivre go a bit groggy, though!

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