Sunday, July 19, 2009

Justgottascoot Tries Out the Symba Bench Seat...

We've been hearing for weeks now that has been working on a review of the Symba. The word on the street has been that one negative in their unpublished draft was how the solo seat forced some riders into an uncomfortable riding position (I think they'd find a lot of agreement on that point). But, being of the gentlemanly sort, they held the review until Carter Brothers was able to get them one of the new (longer) "bench" seats, and now the review has been published. It's one of the best, most positive, and also very detailed. Have a read, here. As for me, I really like the look of the seat, and have one on order.


  1. Do we know how the new rear rack accessory (without the bar) compares to the bench seat? Do you get the same effect or is the bench seat better. Thanks.

  2. I haven't tried either (bench seat is on order) but my guess is the bench seat is going to be more comfortable. I'm not worried about losing the rear rack, as I plan to get a pair of those snazzy hard side-cases.


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