Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alaska Symba Trek - 1300 miles in 3 days!

Here's an update from Binh on the road to Alaska:

Got to Seattle late last night.

First day was a late start only did about 250miles thru the central valley.  Stayed just north of Chico on hwy32.  Did the second oil change around 300miles

Second day was a long one, over 450miles.  I wanted to make the ride into Seattle a shorter one for the third day.  Stayed a little past Bend Oregon.  Did the third oil change around 600miles.

Third day.  This day had some drama.  My original route was snowed covered.  I had planned to go over the Gifford Pinchot NF passes but got stuck in the snow.  Had to turn around and go around.  This added over 150miles to Seattle, turned out to be a 450+ miles instead of the 300 as planned.  I had to go by local direction which made it take even longer.  The bike started to make funny noises and I noticed the license plate starting to crack, epoxyed it.

I was only going to stay the night and continue north but decide to stay in Seattle for a day then head north.  This break gave me time to do break in maintenance: valve adjust, chain adjust, clutch adjust, 4th oil change around 1275miles started using synthetic.  Bike sounds normal now and runs much smoother and quieter then the previous day.  The funny noises was cause by a very loose drive chain.
Epoxy didn't hold up so my buddy Fred here in Seattle made me a backing plate for the license plate so it can be held using all 4 holes.  Bike now has over 1300miles and runs strong.  The fastest I got it up to was just shy of 70mph down hill and about 60mph on the flats.

I've added more pics to photobucket:

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