Thursday, July 22, 2010

Binh is Back (home)!

Our friend and intrepid Symba-trekker Binh Cheung has completed his incredible ride to Alaska and back!  Both rider and Symba made it in good shape - Binh showing himself to be quite the minimalist (the photo above is his Symba with all the gear he took on his month-long trip.  No chase vehicle - just Binh, Symba, tent and sleeping bag!) and the 2010 Symba proving its durability and endurance!  Binh has posted a summary of his ride and a bunch of great photos at

Editor's note:  The previous post about the fire at Carter Brothers has been removed.  I've made the decision not to distract Team Symba from our primary interest - the bike!

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  1. In one picture you have a bead breaker constructed of 2X4s fastened to the right rear of a pickup....Will you please msg me, and tell me how it works? I can see three different ways! One involving my floor jack! lol! I've got some tires to change on my Scooter, and this looks like an inexpensive answer. Thanks! Gabe


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