Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lance Powersports Demo Website

Astute observers at recently noticed that Lance Powerports has put up a demo version of their new website, featuring the (SYM-manufactured) Cali Classic. Soon they'll be adding the full line of SYM USA scooters and, of course, our beloved Symba.  

Rumor has it the much-anticipated Classic-150 will be making its USA debut either late this year or early in 2012. That's a very interesting bike! Very much a retro throw-back to the Honda CB125 of the '70's, and with some really cool trim options, such as a Triumph Cub look (with pea-shooter exhaust, which I adore), a cafe racer, and even a '40's military version. I'm not sure how many of these Alliance will decide to bring in from Taiwan, but they're all on the table.


  1. Hi,

    Where can you buy symba in NYC? I can't seem to find a dealer!

  2. Try Zoom Scooters in Queens -

  3. Thanks for the info, I called and they don't carry it. Scoot NY in brooklyn seems closed down already. Anywhere else I should try?

  4. Here's one in NJ for sale. Very low miles - only a bit over 100. Seller has sent me a photo - it's red.


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