Sunday, May 29, 2016

Symba Sails Into the Sunset

Alas, I'm afraid there is sad news for Symba fans.  After over 40 years of continuous production, SYM has ceased manufacturing the Symba. Alliance Powersports, SYM's authorized distributor in the USA, now lists it as a "discontinued" model.

Perhaps a brief recount of the history of the Symba is fitting at this point.  SYM, known in Taiwan as San Yang Motorcycle, manufactured the Honda Super Cub (C100, C102, CM91, C70M, C70, etc...) under license by Honda from 1961 to 2002, and from that point on continued the line independently, enhancing and improving the design through 2015. The final version, the Symba 110, was the model that SYM exported to the USA from 2009 up until sometime last year, to the delight of Super Cub fans in the States.

Although I didn't see this coming, I probably should have. Having lived in Taiwan since 2013, I can't help noticing how rare it is to see a Symba among the throng of scooters on the streets of Taipei and other major cities on the island.  For a while the model seemed to hang on as the mainstay delivery vehicle of the Taiwan Post Office.  I don't know the export sales figures, but, apparently they are no longer enough for SYM to keep the Symba in production.

Farewell, faithful, reliable, simple, and elegant friend!

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