Monday, February 23, 2009

SYM-USA Website is Updated: Hello, Symba!

Fellow Symba fans, the day when we can zip down to the coffee shop on our Symbas has just gotten much closer. The SYM-USA website has just been updated, and the Symba is now officially part of the line up!
Last I heard, there remains one - just one more hurdle for SYM to jump before the first shipment leaves Taiwan.   They won't say exactly when the ship will sail until they are absolutely sure that the way is clear, and I respect them for that. Once I get word, the news will be posted here.


  1. Thank you for keeping us updated. I have been checking your website often to get most updated information on the Symba.
    I have already called my local scooter shop regarding this.

    I would like to know the what are the preferred colors people going for. Red seems to be the most classic one.

  2. Hi Torque!

    I'm told that red is #1, black is #2, and blue is #3.

    I'm going for black, but it was a tough choice between black and red.

    - Nate

  3. Help! I have a symba and it's broke (again) I've moved and there are no dealers anywhere around here that will touch it because it's foreign and they can't get parts. Who can I talk to to help me figure this out? It won't start and apparently my gas tank has decided to run into my oil!!! What do I do?

    1. Post your question to the Symba Forum (see link above on the right - under, "Symba Links"). I'm sure there's help to be found there.


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