Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can't wait to order your Symba? Moxie Scooters is taking reservations now!

If you live within driving distance of Colleyville, Texas, you can order your Symba now for pick-up in April! It might be a good idea to do this, particularly if you've already made up your mind: who knows how many units Carter Brothers is going to be able to get in the 1st shipment from Taiwan? Moreover, how many out of that quantity will your local dealership order or be allocated? My "local" dealership in Brooklyn NY seems to have a tiny showroom and not much space to store inventory. With a pre-order, you'll have a better chance of getting one from the first bunch from the factory, as well as your color selection. I assume dealerships such as Moxie that take pre-orders will definitely be allocated at least the quantity they have already sold to (anxious) customers!

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  1. Scooterstation in Portland, OR also offers pre orders for the Symba. Just look here:

    happy Scootering !


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