Thursday, January 8, 2009

Symba MSRP: $2598.00. Availability: April, '09

Team Symba has just been informed that the suggested MSRP for the 2009 Symba has been tentatively set at $2598.00. That puts it right next to the Fiddle-II 125. I think with fully restored antique Super Cubs selling just under that range, the updated features of the Symba, plus the 2-year warranty and SYM's outstanding reputation for quality all put together make this price a very good value for the American Cub enthusiast as well as the scooter/light motorcycle community!


  1. What a shame for Carter Bros/SYM to overprice the Symba. If the Chinese built Fiddle-II 125cc was priced more inline with Kymco's Agility 125cc at 1999.00 it too would be in demand. SYM has built tens of millions of the "cub" type bikes so there is no special tooling costs to pass along.Geez, a 2000.00 retail price point should have been easy. At 2598.00 the demand will come and go quickly...

  2. UPDATE!!!....I just researched the Honda site for Mexico. The Honda Cub C90 has a msrp of 24200 pesos. The US dollar conversion is 1738.00...If Honda teaches the Cub to swim across the Rio Grande, look for the Symba to be sent packing because of the major price difference.

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  4. Nate, if you're able, how about editing your original title to correct the spelling of 'availability'? Call me obsessive/compulsive but, excepting the word 'reliability,' I hate seeing the letters '...liability' in the title of a message that prospective SYM customers will likely be reading. Marketing psychology, you know.

    Mocarx, I disagree about the demand for Symbas drying up...that is, unless SYM raises the price. Nobody in the U.S. wants a Mexican-built POS, no matter how cheap. I expect the essential practicality of a quality 100-cc commuting & errand-running machine with no real competition in its niche will draw $2598, just barely, out of consumers.


  5. Sorry about the typo!

    Personally - and this may not come as a surprise - I don't think as a Super Cub fan I'd ever buy a Kymco Agility even if it is $600 cheaper than the Symba. Also, even if they were the same price, scooter people would most likely still buy the Agility anyway - they like the CVT transmission, the storage space, and, in many cases, the scooter look. Similarly, people who like the Cub look instead will gladly pay a bit more to get it, particularly in such a well-made, reliable manifestation as the Symba. They are two completely different machines that appeal to different people. I would no sooner buy an Agility than a Kawasaki Eliminator 125. I want a Cub, not a scooter or a cruiser!

    Anyway, if we quibble too much about the price, the risk is that SYM will loose heart and withdraw the Symba from the US market - after all, it takes $$ to promote and advertise it, and stock the parts, etc... Let's not allow the same thing that happened with the Super Cub to happen with the Symba, please!


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