Thursday, January 22, 2009

The first SYMBA hits US shores!

True to their name, the Scooter Scoop has got the scoop on the 2009 Symba! They actually have one down there in Austin and have taken it out for a couple of rides. It seems it's not the "full" USA version, however, as Steve mentions the speedometer reads in KPH. I presume it's one of the styling prototypes they made to nail-down the colors and Symba-specific badges and markings (I see a nice "Symba" badge in the pic. Sweet!).
Steve promises more test rides and details to come - we'll pick up whatever they report and post it here, of course!

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  1. Woohoo! Hey Nate! Come on down to Austin and take a ride. I'd really like to get YOUR rider impressions since you have more experience with cubs than I do.

    We'll keep ya posted my friend.


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